Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Prada Candy Review

Sweet. Seductive. Sensual. Sexy

What more is needed in a Perfume.

Prada Candy, my official go to perfume, has seriously rocked my very fluffy socks since receiving it on Christmas Day. Brought by my very thoughtful husband, who brought this on his own without any hints from me, in a beautiful gift set alongside a Prada Candy Shower Gel and Body Lotion.

Prada Candy appears to have been a great hit in the stores and many people have seem to be enjoying it's rather sophisticated and tasty scent.
With one spray of Candy the seductive juice explodes into a delicious cascade of charming, favorable notes that lingers on the skin for hours to come.
Candy, being a wilder facet of the house of Prada, pushes the desire to the maximum and creates the sense of daring and passion.

The heart notes of Candy is Benzion, a sweet warm and vanilla-like aroma, the middle note is Musk and the base note is Caramel. All these notes mixed together create a beautiful, seductive infusion which truly brings out the wilder yet sophisticated side of Prada femininity. In my honest opinion this perfumes sounds good enough to eat!

This perfume appears to be more of a winter based scent due to the warmth of the fragrance and the ingredients. It's not too heavy and so can be worn during the day but yet gives enough Va Va Voom to be worn during the evenings or on nights out. I'm not too sure whether Candy will be perfect for the warmer months where more floral and citrus based scents rule, but never the less Candy will be on my dressing table waiting for the cold winter months to roll back in to keep myself and outfits feeling warm, sophisticated and dam right sexy.

The body lotion and shower gel contain the same seductive smell as the perfume and smells amazing when used as a trio one after the other. I used all three on New Years Eve and could smell it on my skin throughout the night.

Prada Candy which is a Eau De Parfum comes in three sizes, a 30ml which costs £40.00, 50ml which costs £53.00 and a 80ml which will set you back £71.00. The shower gel and body lotion can be purchased separately in a 150ml bottle but they both will set you back £30.00.
The perfume can be brought separately or as part of a gift set where the body lotion and shower gel can be enjoyed just as much. The gift set come in at around £53.00 and contains the 50ml perfume, 50ml Body Lotion and 50ml Shower Gel. So if you want to be a smart savvy shopper, pick up the gift set and enjoy the benefits of two free products :o)

Now since I have babbled on a lot about the scent I truly believe it's about time to babble on about the bottle. After all the bottle has to look good on your dressing table :o)

With it's pink and gold design followed by it's engravings into the lid and PRADA being placed across the top, this bottle truly speaks sophistication.

I just love how they have put the perfume into a clear, glass bottle which gives it a timeless and vintage look. This is all toped off by the deep golden, almost like Golden Syrup, colour of the perfume. Remember those older versions of perfumes your Grandmother would have dotted around her dressing table? Those clear, simple bottles with a deep golden hue? Well that is exactly what this perfume and it's bottle reminds me off. A beautiful timeless, vintage bottle with it's seductive and classy scent.

The lid of the perfume is an unusual one. One that I haven't really seen with perfumes but does give a unique look to the bottle. The lid is black and domed in shape which allows the user to simply press down and spray how ever little or as much perfume required for the day.

I am truly impressed, and in love, with Prada Candy and will repurchase when my bottle runs dry. I'm very happy that my husband brought this for me and I truly believe other women will be too. The gift set, or the perfume alone, will make a perfect present for your loved one on Valentines day or any special occasions looming on the horizon.
Thank you Prada for this delicious, sophisticated and sassy perfume that truly makes me feel like a one million dollar baby.

Firstly well done if you have got this far and secondly well done if you want to have a sniff of Candy next time your near the perfume counter ;o)

So what do you think of Prada Candy? Will you be taking a whiff of it next time your near the perfume counter or will you give it a wide birth? Let me know in the comments below :o)

To note, I am not being payed to review this product. All opinions are my own and I am always 100% truthful with what I say about any item or product on my blog. Thanks for reading


  1. The perfume sounds beautiful! X

    1. It truly is Char. It's perfect for these cold wintery days. I'm sure I'll end up spritzing during the warmer months as I cannot get enough of it


  2. Oooooh I really want to try this out now :)) Fab post Kristin :)) Thank u for sharing :))xxx

    1. Your welcome Maria and thank you. Means a lot to me. I'm still getting back into the swing of things after my break from blogging, but I truly think it's all coming back to me