Sunday, 15 January 2012

Kristin's Book Corner #1

You know that good lode feeling when you pick up a book and you just simply cannot put it down? Well this is exactly how it was like when reading Dewey.

I never actually expected a lot from this book, the in depth detail on how the kitty lived his life and how his owners life changed (you know the usual animal based non-fictional book), but this book has more in depth that ranged from Dewey's, his longer name being Dewey Readmore Books, and Vicki's life but to that of the county and how and what they went through.

I literally and by no joke could not put this book down. I was hooked from the first chapter and thoroughly enjoyed every bit.

Dewey, who was owned by Vicki Myron and the residents of Spencer, Iowa, was a cat who was found in a library drop off box during a cold january morning. He was a stray and someone, nobody knew who, placed him in the drop off box either out of spite or to attempt to save his life. From then on he remained as the cat of Spencer's Public Library where he made many friends and made a name for himself in other countries ranging as far out as Japan.

Dewey not only was just a library cat but he appeared as a friend to who ever needed him. He would, as written, would great Vicki in the morning and the visitors as soon as the library opened. He would say his hellos and give them his own undivided attention whenever they needed it. From what Vicki had written it was like Dewey could tell who needed the 'special Dewey' attention over others and without fail, he would always be there to comfort them.

Not only does this book circle the life of Dewey and Vicki but also circles the ups and downs Spencer, Iowa went through. You could actually call this book a very helpful American history lesson 101. I've learnt quiet a bit from the history of America, especially of that during the Great Depression and how Dewey appeared to lift the spirits of all those suffering during that time.

Spencer's Public Library have a website where you can actually look around and visit Dewey's page. Follow this link if you would like to check it out: Spencer Public Library.

I am truly happy I chose this book to read as I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It was my perfect December night read and I was quiet sad to finish it. I really can't recommend this book enough and if you are an animal lover like me then I'm sure you will enjoy it.

So have you read Dewey before, or are you interested in reading it? Do you have any book recommendations for me that you have enjoyed in the past weeks/months? 

BTW this is a new addition to my blog. If I buy books I will show you them and once I have read them I will review them. Reading is one of my favourite past times and I always love to share my thoughts with you. If you do have any recommendations then please comment below :o)



  1. sounds like a good read! my friends birthday is coming up and she has a cat obsession, this would be the perfect gift for her!


  2. It is a really good read and I'm sure that any cat/animal lovers will really enjoy reading it :)
    I'm sure you will be able to find this on eBay or on Amazon

  3. I just ordered this on my kindle :)) Thanks for the review babe xxxx