Monday, 23 January 2012

Laptops, Chargers and the Delights

Good evening beautiful people

If you are following me on twitter you may have read about my issues with my charger for my laptop. Sadly it stopped working yesterday and so my laptop isn't able to charge which means a massive lack in promised, and planned, blog posts until the new one is sent to me.
Stupid thing!! This has bugged me all day so please Mr Courier bring it to me asap.
It's very lucky that my laptop has cover otherwise my laptop charger wouldn't be on it's way to me yet until after I'm paid. The gentleman sorted it all out for me and he mentioned that if any other problems occurred to ring straight away, well during the opening hours, for advice and for possible fixtures.

Phew, thank you 3 years what ever happens cover =)

I'm able to update on basic posts, awards and wishlists, but any other posts won't be happening till I am back on my laptop due to this being my husbands MAC which I am completely useless at using. I prefer my HP's and Vaio's (hope I've spelt that correctly)

I've been looking at new laptops and have fallen for this beautiful white with sparkle detailing Vaio. It would look fantastic in my home =)

So hopefully all my regular posts will back up and running by the weekend. I have so much to share with you and it's very annoying not being able to.

Well I'll try and stay updated with your posts and comment as much as I can.

Speak to you all very soon



  1. Oh bless you. It is rubbish when things stop working! :( Xxxx

  2. Its so annoying. Hopefully I can get back into it all by the weekend as I have so much I really want to share