Friday, 27 January 2012

The Great Gift of Lovliness

Good evening everyone.
A few weeks a go I was emailed by a lovely lady called Jackie who wanted to do a guest post feature on my blog to do with Mesothelioma Cancer. Instantly I agreed and got it up today to share her wonderful words with you. Thank you Jackie for getting in touch with me. 
So without further ado here is a beautiful post written by Jackie Clark who wanted to share her words with you all. 

The Great Gift of Loveliness 
By: Jackie Clark

Women have been given the great gift of loveliness. Ladies of all walks of life enjoy various beautiful things, from sweet smells to creative make-up and gorgeous clothing. A woman in the midst of a difficult prognosis is no different. Turning to fashion and friends can be an excellent attitude adjustment!

If you're a woman who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, then you will need lots of love and support in the weeks and months to come, as you go through treatment and recovery. Consider pulling your sister-friends close to you and share your needs with them. Together you can come up with a wellness plan. Creating something beautiful from a difficult life trial can be an encouragement to everyone. Perhaps even a fashion show?

You can get together over coffee to plan your fashion event. Think about how much you are actually up to doing and go from there. Secure a venue, such as a home that is roomy and comfortable. Send out simple invites, or place calls to those who know you well and have your best interest at heart. Definitely plan to have nourishing foods and drinks to share with one another.

One of the main points of the fashion show will be for your friends to choose outfits that will work for you while you are healing. The outfits should reflect your particular style and color preferences. Your friends can include matching head coverings, scarves and hats. Choose a variety of lovely smelling perfumes and paint each other’s nails for added fun. And, don't forget the bling! Add in lots of bangles and sparkles to bring a cheery mood to your fashion show. 

Allow your friends to do this for you and your health and don't forget to be in the moment. Enjoy the whole event, from the cat-walk to the music, from healthy foods to the caring people in your life. Imagine how powerful and beautiful you will feel as you put on your new clothes and strut the runway with your loved ones there to smile and support you!

During the difficult days ahead, these sweet memories that you have made will be a comfort to you. And, as you recover and gain your strength, you will have pretty things to wear and fragrances to lift your spirits. As soon as you are able, plan a spa day with your friends. It will be important to treat and pamper yourself with beauty, kinship and love.


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