Monday, 13 February 2012

Nail Of The Weekend #3 - Purple Pleaser

Meet Purple Pleaser, a stunning purple polish from ELF. This lovely polish was on sale for £1.00 and in my eyes a total steal. Its from their new polish line which has some fantastic new colours ranging from beautiful corals, bright pinks to romantic reds. I can easily see a few of them, including some of the older range, arriving via my post man very soon.
The overall reason I am crazy over ELF polishes, apart from their beautiful colour range and fantastic quality, is because the formula contains no Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate (DPB) and so ranges on the same lines as Citate and other nasty free polishes.

I have always loved purple polishes and have a a few varying in shades and this one simply ticks all  the right boxes. The shade is a beautiful shade of purple and has a perfect opaque finish after one application. I found the brush, which has an aerodynamic design, allowed the formula to glide on the nails flawlessly and so giving an even, flawless finish. The polish dried really quickly and I was very satisfied with the finished look. The polish, which was worn over a course of two days, remained chip free even after a serious amount of house work. This is a huge promise to this line and I am really looking forward to trying more from the range and keeping them on my nails for longer.

As for the base and top coat, I decided to switch it around a little by using my recently purchased ELF matte finisher which only cost £1.00 - yes £1.00, isn't that crazy!!
Anywho, I applied the matte finisher as a base and a top coat and discovered that it shortened the polishes drying time by half. My nails, as soon as the top coat was applied, appeared to dry within seconds removing all shine and only leaving a very on trend matte nail with a healthy glow. The matte finisher applied to the nails beautifully and the formula wasn't too thick or thin to provide the coverage needed.

I am overly very, and I mean very impressed with these two nail polishes. Not only are they beautiful additions to my growing collection but contain no nasty ingredients, are fantastic quality for money and are cheap and cheerful. ELF, in my honest opinion, have done a fantastic job in creating this range of polishes. I really can't fault them.

Have you tried any ELF polishes? Whats your opinion on them? Do like you like my NOTWK and much more importantly like the matte finish? Let me know in the comments below


To note; I am in no way affiliated with ELF and am not gaining anything from writing this NOTWD/review. Everything written is my honest opinion =)


  1. This colour is lovely, I'm really into purples at the moment. Great post :)

  2. I love this colour, I haven't bought any ELF nail polishes as I was a little skeptical if they could be any good for so cheap but clearly they are. Must get me some of those :)

    Nicola xx

  3. i love this colour, its such a pretty colour and such a bargain, i also love the matte top coat, i dont use mine enough xx

  4. That is a gorgeous colour!! I love it. I need to grow my nails again. Gaaahhhh x x